My Great Northern Popcorn Machine Review

I just recently got the great northern popcorn machine, I just thought I should share my thoughts on this machine and if its worth the money.

My old popcorn machine

I used to have a machine like the one below, It worked ok and the popcorn was much tastier than micro popcorn, but sooner or later the plastic container would crack. I got an identical one after that, but after the second one cracked too I gave up and ordered the great northern popcorn machine instead. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money the machine below is a good alternative, just be aware of the limitations.

What’s included

The machine itself is quite good looking and is a nice kitchen furniture addition.
At the bottom is a plastic container which dimensions is made for 1 portion.
You get one spoon for oil, and one for the the popcorn, so you don’t have to guess how much of each to put into the pot. You also get the classic popcorn papers bags, about 20 pieces.


Its recommended to do a 2-3 min warmup before putting in the ingredients. After that close the machine. Put in the ingredients and start the machine again. When there are no more popping sounds close the machine and use the handle to remove any popcorn still left inside the pot. You get finished popcorn in about 4 minutes.

Pre-prepared packaged or your own mix?

There are pre-prepared packages with popcorn, flavor and butter available to buy specifically designed for this machine. What’s good about them is that you just empty the package into the pot, and wait for it to finish.

greath northern all n one pack

I actually think that making your own mix is better and perhaps healthier. There are no best before date markings on the packages. At least it wasn’t on mine. So you don’t know how old the butter and oil are. It was a little too much butter taste for my liking.

Since I had already bought the packages what I did was that I used the popcorn with flavor, but not the included oil/butter. I used the included spoon for my own oil and cut of a piece of butter in the mix instead. That way I can adjust the butter taste and be sure the oil and butter ingredient is fresh. Add some salt on the finished popcorn.


One portion is enough for 1-2 persons depending on how hungry you are. If there are more persons you need to make another portion. Filling the pot with more than the recommended oil and popcorn is not a good idea. I tried that once but since the pot is not that big it will leave many popcorn unpopped. Just follow the instructions and make another portion right after.

filled popcorn basket for 1-2 persons

Cleaning the machine

This machine is relatively easy to clean, but it does require a tool if you want to do a full cleaning. I don’t do that every time I use it but since there will be dried oil and butter Its a good idea to not wait too long. Otherwise it will be harder to get rid of the grease.

Take of the kettle pot

Here is how you remove the pot for cleaning, be sure to remove the power outlet cable before removing the internal cable in the machine. Start by pull out the handle on the right.

how to clean your popcorn machine

Tilt the pot and raise it so that you can pull it out.

how to clean your popcorn machine

Loosening the screws

You need a small tool to remove the lid mechanism which is held by 2 small bolts.

popcorn machine cleaning

Soap and water + steel wool

popcorn machine cleaning

Pretty dirty, I used soap and water. I also had to use steel wool to remove the black grease.

popcorn machine cleaning

Looks almost brand new. Now just put the lid mechanism back on and you are finished.
Its not as complicated to clean it as it might sound and you don’t have to do it every time.
Some people argue against cleaning the pot since it will remove the great popcorn taste.

A good looking kitchen furniture

Unlike my old popcorn machine this one looks quite good in your kitchen so If you can find a good place for it you don’t have to store it somewhere when its not in use. In this picture I have the power outlet behind the machine so the power cable is hidden.

great northern popcorn machine
great northern popcorn machine


If you are a movie lover where popcorn is the natural companion snack I definitely think the great northern popcorn machine is worth the money. You get great tasting popcorn, its a sturdy machine that is well built and can complement the look in your kitchen. I hope this review have been informative.

Its on sale on amazon in either red or black color, current price is about 63$, I earn a commission for the sale on this link which I will use to grow this site.

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