Benefits Of Using A Dual Subwoofer In A Home Cinema Room

What does a dual subwoofer fix?

Is a dual subwoofer setup better than using just one? You may have wondered about that and want to know what the fuss is all about. Dual subs are a great improvement to your home entertainment system. Installing them in your home cinema room will result in smoother bass response. In this article, you will be able to know the benefits of running a dual sub.

A good surround sound system requires a great subwoofer that has an optimum bass response. It is not a matter of concern whether your sound system is expensive or high-end if the bass sounds to be bloated. It can ruin your listening experience by muddying the lower frequencies and drowning the higher ends. However, a well-defined bass can improve your listening experience in a home cinema room. Using 2 subwoofers instead of just one can help with this.

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Listening positions along with subwoofer arrangement

The quality of the bass is regulated by two factors, one listener’s position and another, subwoofer arrangement. For normal home surroundings, the bass sound may appear to be blown over in some locations. The sound is dependent on where those subwoofers are placed and from where you are listening to it.

Room resonance is the area in your room where the sound waves from the subwoofer build up and make the bass louder. Because of room resonances, there will be areas where sound waves tend to cancel each other. That will make the bass sound weaker. However, you can minimize or avoid these resonances by altering the position of the subwoofer.

Adding more subwoofers could be better

An important factor that impacts your sound system’s lower end responses, is the number of subwoofers you have employed. Although a single subwoofer can usually handle enough bass for a room of average size, the inclusion of subwoofers can significantly reduce the room resonance. As such, the overall quality of bass will be improved throughout the room.

The crucial thing about the whole thing is that it is not about the addition of bass, but it’s all about distributing the bass in a more evenly way through the entire room. A properly placed dual subwoofer will effectively cancel some of the room resonances, if not all of them. It will improve the bass performance and it will increase the listening spaces in your room.

A dual subwoofer acts just like the central airflow where it can impact all the areas of the room, whereas a single sub acts like a standing fan that has a limited reach. The two subwoofers will have to be placed at opposite corners of your room. That’s an amazing way to cover a space that has a low-end response.

It may look like an overkill to have a sound system of four subwoofers, but having a dual one will be manageable. Two subwoofers will provide better bass response than a single one on its own. Prices of subwoofers vary drastically from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Hence, if you are planning to buy a subwoofer make sure you have a complete understanding of them before purchasing. With dual subs, the bass response gets improved and that’s why many prefer to buy two subs in place of a bigger one. The performance of the two subs will always be better than one.

4 benefits of using dual subwoofers

If you are thinking about buying a great sound system for your home cinema room, it is important to understand the benefits of choosing a dual subwoofer system so that you can experience the best of bass response. Here are some of the benefits of running a two subwoofer sound system for your home entertainment.

1 – Output capabilities

The first benefit of using a dual sub is the most obvious one, which is improved output capabilities. The powerful combination of two subwoofers working in complete rhythm results in a dynamic range and an impactful bass. You will hear and feel the sound in your chest along with the pressurized acoustic energy of your room.

2 – Smoother bass response

The second benefit of going dual, and noticeably the most important, is to implement smooth bass response through the entire room so that all the listening areas experience the similar impact of low frequency and depth. The two subwoofer system does this by eliminating phase cancellation that occurs when multiple sound waves from a single sub cancel each other.

As such, you will hear a reduced bass in that spot. Such a situation arises when there is a gap of sound waves between those coming directly from the subwoofer and those bouncing back from the wall or other surface. You can get boomy spots in your room, which are called peaks, where the bass gets collected and sound louder.

The bass response from a single subwoofer system is dependent on the shape and size of your room. But, a dual sub will smooth the peaks and noise cancellation, and takes control of the room with accurate and effortless bass.

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3 – Bass direction

The third benefit of opting dual sub relates to the direction of bass. As a matter of fact, the dual subwoofers are pretty much hard to localize than a single subwoofer. It is often possible to locate a single sub in a certain place in a room regardless of having a great crossover frequency and not placed on the front stage.

On the other hand, dual subs are nearly impossible to find out. The sensation of the bass sound appears to be coming from all directions. When you begin to enjoy such an immersive sensation of low-frequency energy emerging from every corner of your home cinema room, you will barely return to the single subwoofer.

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4 – Aesthetics

The fourth benefit of choosing a two subwoofer system is when it is all about aesthetics and décor. Ported subwoofers take up enough floor space, while two small subwoofers can be easily placed and hidden in a room. Dual subwoofers that have a less visible impact and tend to be a lifestyle-friendly option. You can enjoy a great combined output from a double smaller subwoofer.

In the video below 2 experts discuss the things I have just mentioned:

Where should you place your dual subwoofers?

Once you have decided to select dual subs, you can try experimenting with different subwoofer placements The ideal position is usually in the opposite diagonal rear and front corners. However, this is not the only rule that you need to follow while placing those subs. They can be placed along the same side or front wall, on conflicting sidewalls, or anywhere you desire, depending on the layout of your room.

Try readjusting the dual subs’ position inch by inch, to find out the sweet spot where the bass locks in the room. Installing a dual sub sound system is one of the most noticeable and easiest upgrades that you can make to your audio system or home cinema room. It is the best way to fill a room with bass that will open a new way of experiencing great movies, music, and other audio playbacks.

Dual subwoofer – Checklist

Things you need to check before buying a dual subwoofer system:

Here are a few things that need to be looked for before opting to install a dual subwoofer system for your home cinema room.

Seating arrangements

It is possible to rearrange the spatial connection between the room, the subwoofer, and the listening position of a single person. However, it is not possible to have such a seating arrangement for several people. When two subwoofers are put in a proper place, they will provide smooth, and consistent bass response to all the listeners in that particular space.

Large space

The sound waves from a single subwoofer tend to get lost in space, especially if you have an open floor or a large room. A large space usually refers to a closed space that has no walls in between hallways, kitchen, or a living room. In such an environment, a dual subwoofer system will be the best choice for enjoying realistic bass extension and quality.

Dialing in the dual subwoofers

After you have successfully placed your dual subs according to your space, an important thing to do is to configure your sound system. Such configuration includes tweaking the volume levels, phase controls, and crossovers. In order to achieve proper phasing on your dual subs, you need to play a test tone that should be centered at the crossover frequency, which is 80 Hz for the crossover setting.

Take help from a friend of yours for observing the varying phase controls on each of the subwoofers. Adjust the volume up and down until the strongest tone is heard from the subs. This is how your subs will be in a phase. All you need to do is to sit back and experience the good vibrations with a calm and relaxed mind.


The benefits of having a dual subwoofer system for your cinema room is a proven theory. Hence, whenever you are planning to improve your sound system or buying a new one, you should probably pick out a dual sub sound system.

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